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    JSON to XML

    flashharry! Level 1

      I prefer JSON for my PHP bidirectional flex communications, its fast and I don't need to install anything on the back end.

      I do all my post this way really fast and convenient.

      Anyway I have an array thats coming from a third party soap services, yes I know soap should be return as XML but this comes as a multi-dimensional array. I have no control over this as its third party. Any way I want to send this back to my swf file as JSON.
      Once in my flex app I want to decode the jason back to an array and then make into an XML suitable for the tree control. Is there any built in method for this.

      Thanks in advance

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          Hey, I am sure there are some methods because when you are using webservices the framework decodes and encodes objects to and from xml (with the help of the wsdl file), but I think it would be quite easier and much faster to write your own object-to-xml-decoder.