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    Can't install D11 on ANY Vista computers

    SafariTECH Level 1
      I have 3 different computers running Vista here, and the D11 trial will not run on any of them! ( Vista 32 Ultimate, Vista 64 Ultimate, and Vista 64 Premium Home)

      ** The 32 bit version doesn't even have any other Adobe stuff on it.

      If I don't run it as Administrator I just get a message box that says that Licensing has stopped.

      If I run it as Administrator I get the splash screen that asks for the serial or allows me to select to run as trial. When I choose the trial selection it says it can not load the trial information and takes me back to the screen asking for teh serial number but the trial choice is greyed out.

      This is ludicrous that Adobe would release a product that is not even ready for production yet - I am not the only one seeing this issue with Vista computers and Adobe seems to be sweeping the problem under the rug.

      Has anyone ever had it run properly under Vista?