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    Detecting Client Bandwidth

      I'm a one-trick pony, having bought Flash CS3 solely to manipulate transparent video files, adding a stop alert, various player controls and closed captioning. I know that sooner or later a small business client will ask me
      what happens when dial up users or broadband lite users hit his transparent spokeperson files. I know there's a tester of sorts in Flash but I'd prefer to add something in each case that withholds the video when it won't present properly - or provides a message explaining what you're missing. Can someone help me get there?

      David Hurdon
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you can use actionscript to determine a user's donwload speed by using getBytesLoad() and getTimer() to initialize the bytes loaded and start time when you initialize your test and then a loop to calculate the same parameters repeatedly stopping whenever you want up to the time your app is completely loaded.