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    Simple, professional navigation advice, please

    SteveH59 Level 1

      I use MX 2004 and have been asked to transform an old HTML site of several pages into a Flash site.

      I need to make it look as professional as possible while making it as uncomplicated for me - I am fairly new to Flash.

      The site would need a navigation menu (with clickable buttons) and be able to link to other 'pages' . That is, I would need to be able to click on a menu item and have it take me to another 'page' from where I can download and install 'exe' files.

      The Flash site, once complete, will be burned to a CD.

      What would be the best way of proceeding with this - my stage is blank at the moment!! - and I would be grateful for links to any tutorials with the kind of questions I am asking here?

      Many thanks in anticipation.