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    crossdomain question

      I am trying to consume a web service on another domain. My mxml is something like this:

      <mx:WebService id="ws" useProxy="false" showBusyCursor="true"
      wsdl="https://somedomain.com:6500/SomeWsdl?wsdl" fault="faultHandler(event)">
      <mxperation name="getItem" result="getItemResultHandler(event)">

      The webservices (there are multiples) are all sitting on different ports of https://somedomain.com.
      There is a crossdomain.xml file on the root https://somedomain.com, but not at that particular port number.

      Do I need to add another crossdomain on port 6500?

      If not, what is the simple way around this?

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          ntsiii Level 3
          I am no expert, but the crossdomain file has a "to-ports" attribute. I suspect that will do wht you need. Set it to "*", and test .

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            pmcgouirk Level 1
            Thanks for the reply. However, it still doesn't work. I am getting the following message:

            Warning: Failed to load the policy file from https://somedomain.com:6500/crossdomain.xml

            Connection to https://somedomain.com:6055/SomeWsdl?wsdl halted - not permitted from http://localhost:3000/etc...

            The cross domain file is attached. The secure attribute is set to false because my swf file is not on https and the webservice is.

            It is like it is not paying attention to the root at all. Ideas?