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    Why are my Flash Videos now not playing for customers outside my Domain?

    wolfeyes Level 1
      Hi folks. Please help me out here. I'm using Adobe Connect v. 6 Presenter to develope technology enabled learning. I've published several Flash Video files to my TEL server, which hosts Connect v.6. They were able to viewed by students outside my USGS domain and since about the middle of March, the videos will not start for them. What the heck? If anyone can help me, I'd be much obliged as I am do to start beta testing on a Presenter TEL course on May the 8th! Yikes!!
      Also, my server is in an Active Directory structure where Windows Downloads and patches are automatically loaded at a certain time in the early morning. Not sure if a security patch is doing this or not, but I would gratefully appreciate any assistance.

      Thank you!!