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    Online Catalog

    chris.cavage Level 1

      I am going to have an online catalog as part of my website.

      I just don't know how to set this up.

      I do not wish, as of right now, to accept payment, just view products/services.

      Because I have such a blend of different products I was going to have filters for users to find information based on price ranges, categories, colors of products, and so on.

      I know this is a broad question, but I would assume it is best to have ONE catalog table within my db (MySQL) and then have different fields for: name, make, model, color available, price, description, category, and so on?

      Or because I am blending product and service on my site, should I have a catalog for services and a catolog for products?

      I would like everything to be easily shown on one page, so I will assume I should design the layout on screen and just use a repeating region. If I set this up easily, I would think later on (if I want to make an add to cart link) I can do that within the repeating region, if I want to change it to a site that collects payments.

      Any advice on the db setup?