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    Video Playback in IE

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm new to Flash and am also experimenting with a Flash Media Streaming Server. I am trying to get video streaming to work with my new website, and the video so far plays great with no problems in web browsers such as Firefox/Safari, etc.

      However, in IE, the playback is noticeably worse. I can't figure out why! I originally thought it was a streaming issue with the server, however, this wouldn't explain why other browsers are handling the stream better. Also, pausing the video playback and un-pausing makes no difference, ruling out a buffering issue.

      Every I.E. browser I try the below video in, the video is jerky and not smooth. I should note also that if I try to play the video directly through http://flash-server.hermonsd.org/test/ (Streaming Server Test Page), it works perfectly in IE.

      So I am concluding that the issue is with the compiled Flash file used directly on the below link. I'm using nothing more though than the provided FLVPlayback module that comes with the latest Flash CS3 software. Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong and what I can do to improve the playback quality in I.E.?

      Example Video is here: http://www.rihanna-online.net/videos/dontstop/DontStop.html

      P.S. To avoid a possible flame post about copyright, the website hasn't opened yet and tentative use for construction is OK while the record label is reviewing the website to contact me back.