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    Creating a Still Image Presentation Video

      I am trying to create a video presentation on how to enroll in an online program. The video consists of still images and some Flash animation. The Flash animation is fairly simple, using screen shots to show the steps to follow to enroll in the program (i.e. typing a web address in a browser bar, showing the cursor moving to the buttons to select, etc.).

      I've been trying to bring the animation into Premiere Pro, where I've been creating the still image video. However, when I export the entire sequence from PPro - both the still images and animation - the Flash portion is very choppy and jumps a lot. I've tried exporting the Flash as .AVI, .MOV and as image sequences, all with the same result.

      The video is supposed to be created for both DVD and the Web. Does anyone have any insight? What is the best way to go about doing this? Should I use Flash to create the entire thing (would this option work for a DVD)?

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I'm fast approaching my deadline and I seem to be getting nowhere.

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          ScramblingMan Level 1
          Let's forget the DVD issue for the moment.

          From a completed file size POV, you'd be better off creating everything in Flash. If everything has the same frame rate (12-15 fps), the "screen shot" animations will be just as smooth as anything else. You could for example, use a single jpeg or png for the entire screen shot for the web address typing and use a mask to reveal the address as it is "typed" in - simple, almost no movement, and VERY compact result. A similar approach could be taken with showing a cursor moving around a fixed screen - again, one background jpeg, and only an animated cursor moving around - very small swf because the background is static. Depressed buttons can be small jpegs that overlay their unpressed counterparts on the background with color tint/alpha animation to make them "do something".

          Now, for the DVD. (I face this problem all the time, and in fact am working on a project now with both web and DVD output). With the flash animation built per above, you should have no problem exporting the flash movie as a QuickTime .mov file. Take THIS into PPro to do what you need to to finish it off and compress to MPEG-2 for the DVD burn.

          Just one man's opinion.

          Let me know if this helps and how you make out.

          Bill Lundgren
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            20egraphics Level 1
            Thanks for the input! I will certainly try this out - one question, though... after the full video is created in Flash at 12 fps, will this render okay in PPro (which is 30 fps)? Or should I go ahead and create the Flash video at 30 fps? I know this will create a larger file for the Web, but I also don't want to have to make the video twice. Will 30 fps be way too much for Web?

            Again, thank you SO much for your input - I've been working on this for weeks, trying to find a solution.
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              ScramblingMan Level 1
              If you build everything at 12 fps with stills, you don't need to go to NTSC frame rates. I know your mindset - I'm a video jocky myself. Coming to grips with the fact that 12 fps really IS sufficient for web animation took me a while also. And you'll NEVER be able to cram 30 fps down the web pipes, as you guessed.

              When you export the flash movie to a QT .mov or whatever, then you can increase the frame rate to 30 fps dropframe and convert to MPEG-2 for the DVD.

              Also, if you go the root we've been discussing here, you'd only have to go to PPro once - to convert the frame rate and output for DVD.
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                20egraphics Level 1
                Ok, that makes total sense - you rock! Thanks for all your help!
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                  ScramblingMan Level 1
                  My pleasure. Advice is worth what you pay for it - ESPECIALLY if it doesn't work! ;-) Good luck