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    event listener methods - public or private?

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      OK, if I have a component that broadcasts an event called 'onChanged', I
      obviously need to set up a method called 'onChanged' in any class that
      needs to subscribe and respond to that event being fired - but should
      the method be private or public? I'm guessing public as it's effectively
      one class calling a method on another...but does anyone know for sure?

      Have checked through the documentation but all the examples I have seen
      show the listener method being setup as a method of an object on the
      timeline, where the whole public/private thing is irrelevant.

      I know all of this doesn't matter too much at the moment anyway as the
      whole public/private thing isn't really enforced properly in AS2.0 (it's
      only ever enforced at compile-time, not run-time) however it probably
      will be enforced properly in AS3.0 so am just looking to future-proof my
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