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    end of swf playback

      Hello to All -

      Trying to set up a webpage so that when a Flash movie has finished playing some code will run. Is there a way to tell when the movie is finished playing without using Flash itself? When I encode the sfw to fla (using SUPER) the resulting quality in the fla is very poor and can't be used, so if possible I need a "trigger" of some kind that identifies when the movie has finished playing.

      Thanks for your help,
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          I needed the same thing to remove a video layer from a web site when the video ended. I found no solution that didn't involve Flash (initially trial versions - then I bought CS3) and in the end I paid a guy in the UK to create the end result and send me back a zip. Once I had it I had a template for making any FLV operate the same way, so it was worth the hundred plus I gave him. To be clear, ActionScript alerts when the video stops and javascript quite separately removes the player from the page. If it isn't removed it obstructs and live content underneath (like a nav button), even though it's invisible - in the case of those I do. See one at www.netvideomaker.com

          David Hurdon