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    FLA files between Mac and PC versions of Flash CS3

    Daniel Israel
      Hello, I have a PC at work and a Mac at home and have found that there are differences with font rendering in Flash CS3 on each operating system.

      I have a Flash application that looks beautiful. However, the same .FLA file will position fonts a few pixels differently on my mac.

      For instance, I can make a flash file on my PC with perfectly positioned fonts and after publishing, these fonts will look perfect on both PC and Mac (from the SWF). If I then open the .FLA on my Mac the fonts will be slightly off, and after publishing the fonts will be off on both the PC and on Mac (from the SWF).

      Has anyone else experienced this problem? Anyone got any suggested workarounds or am I stuck?

      This is the only major problem I've had going between the CS3 programs on my PC and my Mac (I mainly use Dreamweaver and Flash).

      Thanks for any help!
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          I have this same problem. Most fonts are vertically misaligned after loading a PC-created FLA on a Mac, and vice versa. OpenType fonts seem to have a greater baseline shift than Truetype fonts. Arial is one of the few fonts that doesn't shift (that I've tried). The direction of the shift is upwards from PC->Mac, and downwards from Mac->PC. Also, the linespacing changes. On the Mac the linespacing is reduced, so multiple lines get bunched together. To see this issue, create a new document on either platform and place some text. Draw a line at the baseline of the text. Save and reload this file on the other platform.

          If you make the text dynamic and click on "show border around text," the problem gets a little more interesting. On the PC, all text with ascenders and descenders appear firmly within the border. On the Mac, the border excludes the ascenders on OpenType fonts, so the text butts up right to the border and ascenders poke out the top. This is a bug in its own right. I work primarily with Folio fonts, and have seen this problem on all of the OpenType fonts I've tried. On TrueType fonts I tend to see the bounding box "almost" right, but it still just clips the ascenders, and causes a small baseline shift.

          I think the baseline shift problem is because the Mac version determines the bounding box incorrectly. When you place text using the text cursor, it does it according to the font's baseline, which is good. But I suspect Flash stores the position of the text in terms of the upper left (or any other) corner of the bounding box. Because the bounding box is calculated incorrectly (but consistently) on a single platform, reloading the file within that platform results in perfect positioning. Loading another platform's FLA would cause a shift because the font's bounding box is different -- it's the same position of the textfield, but the displayed text relative to that store textfield position is higher up on the Mac than on the PC.

          This problem has really made me regret switching to the Mac. have to do all my work inside Parallels now, on Flash CS3/Win, because the artists and other Flash developers in the office are all on PC. It is a total showstopper for me, and quite aggravating. I simply can't check in my FLAs on the Mac side with my Mac positioning, because it makes it impractical for anyone else to edit my work.