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      i want to create one simple application using blazeDs with Flex3 can anyone give me basic tutorial which i can use to create one application, am too confuse with tomcat installation
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          Could you tell me what specific problem are you getting with tomcat installation? I am not a guru but may be I can help you out with running simple blazeDS application.

          If you have tomcat installed just put blazeds.war file into /webapps directory, and while creating flex project check "use remote object service " and select "Live Cycle Data Service" Option. your server would be J2EE in case of tomcat. then you can provide root Folder location pointing to blazeds installation "C:\Apache\tomcat 5.5\webapps\blazeds" (my tomcat is installed in this location). root url would be " http://localhost:8080/blazeds". This would create project. then there are tutorial available to configure different services. The simplest one for remoting is: http://western-skies.blogspot.com/2006/07/flex-worlds-simplest-example-of.html

          Pelase let me know if this is what you looking for.
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            abhay_JK Level 1
            here am giving details what i done plz rectify:

            1) download blazeds with integrated tomcat server (blazeds turnkey)
            2) extracted it in C:\setups
            3) created Java Class to C:\setups\blazeds\tomcat\webapps\blazeds\WEB-INF\classes\
            4) Using Flex Builder 3 i create Flex Project with application Server typed J2EE
            5) using below values to configure project:
            root Folder: C:\setups\blazeds\tomcat\webapps\blazeds
            root URL : http://localhost:8080/blazeds/
            context root: blazeds
            outPut folder: C:\setups\blazeds\tomcat\webapps\blazeds\tempApplication-debug
            6) and here start my mxml code

            when i click on run the project: but it displayed "The page cannot be displayed"

            I followed the above steps from:
            plz tell me where i am wrong,
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              meena_r Level 1
              To me these steps are looking fine, did you change the server port for tomcat? as by default turnkey tomcat runs on 8400 and you are using 8080? another thing is context root is "/blaseds", it might be a typo just wanted to make sure though. because I get this error when either my server is not running or application is not deployed in the directory.
              You could check in output folder location that you have required code to run your application there.