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    shared library crashes AIR runtime

      When attempting to load a SWF file from the app-storage:/ location that uses shared library assets, the AIR runtime crashes! And by crash I mean the AIR app quits and Windows program crash window comes up telling your AIR crashed and do you want to send the info to microsoft.

      Testing the SWF files outside of the AIR runtime and the shared library assets work fine.
      Not sure if this is an issue with shared library assets, loading swf files from app-storage and running into sandbox issues, or a little of both.

      Anyone run into problems with shared libraries?
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          Well I think Adobe really need to sort this sandbox stuff out.
          While I understand the reasons Adobe have placed certain restrictions on various content loading, it would seem to me that and swf's loaded from the local machine should have the only restriction of not being able to access the AIR api, surely this is all thats needed. Then the security can be implemented the same as the Flash player (eg local with files/local with network).
          By AIR having its current very annoying/crippling sandboxing, the only really safe way is to install all external swf's with the AIR file (eg application domain). This really rules out various kinds of dynamic apps.
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            enorton@adobe Adobe Employee
            Hi ZoD-,

            Could you please provide a little more information about where the shared assets are coming from (are they also in the app-storage:/ location, or elsewhere?) and what kinds of things they're trying to do like what type of script's being executed, etc.