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    form elements generated dynamically from xml

      Hello, I am new in Flex.
      I try to find solution in generating dynamically elements from xml to flex form.

      I have php poll system. Form fields, questions, answers and their position on the form is stored in mySql.
      For flex I need to export this data to xml, which is done.
      In flex I have build function which parse this xml and create objects (radiobuttons, checkbuttons) and push it to arrayobject and then I am able to put this objects to VBox or HBox but I can't build something like nested HBox in VBox :) -> sample code below.

      In simply words I try to build table with 4 columns and many rows:
      1. questionA
      radio1 | radio2 | radio3 | radio4
      radio5 | radio6
      2. questionB
      checkbox1 | checkbox2 to -> checkbox4

      What logic should I use to build nested HBox in VBox container?
      Thanks in advance.