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    Auto-create TOC

    maniac9999 Level 1
      Here's what I want to do (currently using RH X5.02 RoboHelp HTML running on XP SP2):

      1.In the Project Manager, set up my folders in NON-alphabetic order, like this:



      and also set up the topics in non-alphabetic order.

      2. Go to the TOC Composer and click "Auto-create TOC" and have RoboHelp automatically create the TOC in the order in which the folders and topics are organized (not alphabetic).

      3. With each revision (add or remove topic) to the TOC, be able "auto-generate" the TOC without any tweaking required.

      Currently, RH only allows me to list the folders alphabetically, which means that I have to rearrange the books (generated from folders) when I auto-generate the TOC. Tell me if I'm wrong, but doesn't an "auto" button imply "automatically do something with almost no tweaking required"?

      Sure, I can do this by assigning numbers to the folders in the Project Manager, then removing those numbers from the book names in the generated TOC, but it seems like that shouldn't be necessary. I've also "auto-created" a TOC when the project is "complete", then added/deleted pages and books to it as topics are added or deleted.


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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Sorry, can't be done.

          But what's the difference workwise in setting up the folders and files to suit and setting up the TOC to suit?

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            MergeThis Level 4
            I believe the auto-generation of the TOC was always intended as a one-off time saver that was only meant to eliminate the drag&drop process to initially populate the TOC.

            I can't imagine ever trusting any tool to intelligently structure my TOC in exactly the correct format, particularly over and over as you seem to envision. In addition, I don't think I ever worked on a help project in which the TOC did not experience constant tweaking as the product evolved and more reviewers returned comments. I would never ask the RH tool to do this for me.

            And why would you want to constantly have an auto-generate performed after you've structured it properly? Only "as topics are added or deleted"? Seems like overkill.

            Good luck,