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    Flash Variable with FileXtra4

      Hi I'm wondering how to use flash variables with director mx 2004 or 11. What I need to do is open external photo from my app (cd-rom). I try with fileXtra4 to launch the external photo but I dont know how to tell director to launch the selected image wich is call (selectImg) flash variable. It normaly refering to something like that: "2E-AF3-IMG1.jpg" depending of selectImg value. I found this script on the net but to make it work with a variable instead of a specific file name.

      instance = new(xtra "filextra3")
      result = fx_FileOpenDocument(instance,the moviepath & "Img_2.jpg") <-- replace Img_2.jpg by selectImg (Flash variable).
      if result = 0 then alert "Sorry, no app is on the system to open JPEG files"

      thanx Normally I use getUrl in flash but within a director projector it's not working.