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    playing video w/o timeline interaction

      I have a 15minute video that I'm keeping as a flv file and not embedding because of length and sound. when bringing the video to stage its about 20,000 frames. I have buttons that link to certain parts of the video but working with 20k frames if very tedious. I have considered exporting each segment of video individually. I know that it increases file size but this will be working from a CD so I have plenty of room. My question is, can you link a button to a video w/o having the timeline control the length? I just want the user to click a button and go to that video segment, if the video ends, it ends, the user then needs to click on something else. Basically I'm looking for a button that will open a video window and just let it play independently w/o having to use the timeline to denote how long I want it to play. Dragging layers 20k frames takes a really long time. Thanks