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    Interactivity in Director

      Hello everyone. I am a teacher and at the moment am using Director to develop English learning materials for different classes. I just want to know how to design questions that give marks to students after typing or choosing from different answers. I came across highly interactive stuff developed using Director by a company in Australia. I am talking about one of their programs called Numbers Up which can be downloaded for free from edalive.com. Can you help? Thanks in advance.
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          What exactly are you asking? Do you want someone to write the
          application for you? Do you have a specific question about how to make a
          certain function work?

          What you have asked is extremely open ended. There are many many ways
          to add interactivity... by clicking things, typing things, drag and
          drop, etc.

          The main thing with a score system is simply to save it as a global...
          Whenever the score changes, you set the global. Assuming you name your
          score variable 'gScore', then you would put this on the score tracker
          #text sprite:

          global gScore

          on enterFrame me
          if voidP(gScore) then gScore=0

          That will constantly update with the score. If you have a
          multiple-choice type question, then you would have something like this
          on the sprites that you click on to choose an answer

          global gScore
          on mouseUp me
          if <insert check to see if it is correct> then

          That way, the score gets updated if you get a correct answer. If you
          have more specific questions, feel free to ask... or give us code
          snippets of something that you tried that isn't working...