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    Very slow save time in RH6

      Please help!

      Recently my company upgraded us from RH3 to RH6 and I was placed in charge of converting all of our RH3 projects over to RH6. Following all the directions and instructions that I could find, I was able to successfully transfer over 5 of the 6 RoboHelp HTML project files without a glitch, it's the final project and the largest of them all that is giving me headaches.

      RH6 was installed on a new Windows XP Professional SP2 system with a 1.86 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 75GB harddrive, 2.98 GB of RAM and 2 GB of Virtual Memory, we are also running on Microsoft Office 2000. My main project file is 223MB in size and contains 1395 topics, countless bookmarks, and 10 conditional build tags. Previously on RH3, this manual would normally take 20-30 minutes to load, about 15-30 seconds to refresh while saving changes made when working, and about 40-50 minutes to publish, and that was on a much older and slower CPU system with about 1/8 the memory and speed. Now, on this newer system, and with the newer version of RH, it is taking on average of 2-4 hours to load, 2-4 minutes between saves, and ironically onlyl about 20-30 minutes to publish?

      I have tried numerous fixes that were listed out in the forums, I have read through the Snippets posted on Peter Grainges site, and uploaded the patches through Adobe (which got rid of the windows error message we were initially encountering while publishing). I have both renamed and deleted the .cpd and .xpj files, I have even went as far as creating an entirely new project from scratch and importing the individual HTML documents from the old file and nothing is working?

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.