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    getURL makes flash freeze!

      I have an input text field in which the user enters her password. I then have a movieclip that says "Update Site" which is pressed to check if they typed the correct password and then goes on if it was correct or alerts the user if it was not correct. I wanted to alert the user with a javascript alert called through a getURL command. However, no matter what I put inside of the getURL command (whether javascript or just a website) Flash hangs (and ends up not responding). I assumed Flash would probably not let me access javascript or a website from within the flash player, but I didn't think it would hang! I have tried publishing my movie and looking at it in Safari for Mac and it doesn't hang, but it also doesn't do anything.

      If the correct password is typed, the button works fine and "Site is updating" shows up in the Output window. So it's gotta be the getURL that's causing the hang.

      The code is below (the || mean I've tried both separately, not at the same time). Thanks in advance!