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    ComboBox Items Limit

    GerryIsHere Level 1
      Hi there!

      It seems ComboBoxes have a limit of the number of Items they are able to store...
      (around 200)
      Does somebody have any information on this subject ?

      Thanks in advance for your replies.
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          C-Rock Level 2
          You can always make your own. I had to do that for a project before. I can't remember placing more than 50 in one, for the states.

          200 is tough for a user to go through. Try making a more user friendly way to narrow down that list. Maybe make another combo box that has groups or categories and making a listener that will populate the combo box when a group is selected.
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            GerryIsHere Level 1
            Thanks for responding even if your reply doesn't give the answer I was waiting for...

            I don't have any other choice than displaying the whole list (ordered by Last Names alphabetic order) in one and only one CB.

            Let me explain.
            I'm managing a Directory of former and present students of french military schools.
            My database contains 42,000 entries and in the future it will contain more than 100,000.
            In one of the pages of a Flash Interface (offerring no less than forty different searches and services), a registered user have the opportunity to search for all the personal information related to a student (search criterias are School, Year, Last Name and First Name).
            After finding this friend and displaying in appropriate fields all its available data (Address, Phone numbers, Photo, Email address, Web Site URL, etc), a Combo Box appears and displays Last Name and First Name of all the friends he/she had in the very same school the very same year.
            The user then choose in this CB another friend.
            This choice allows to perform a new search as described above and so on...

            A majority of those lists have less than 200 rows. In fact, the average is around 120.
            But, in at least three schools, promotions were "plethoric" and count from 400 to 600 students each year !!!
            It won't be reasonable to scroll through such long lists.
            That's the reason why I limited the rows to 200 (of course, I warn the user of this limitation).
            But this decision wasn't entirely one of my own, it was in part imposed by Flash CB weakness.

            Sorry, but I disagree with your opinion. Scrolling through 200 rows in a CB displaying a Row Count of 10 is not "uncomfortable". Think about the Countries we daily find in Forms... (about 180 rows).

            Anyway, I'm quite a bit frustrated not to know WHY the Flash CBs doesn't display Lists larger than 200...
            Maybe Developers at Adobe could answer this question and eventually address this issue.



            PS : What do you mean when you wrote "You can make your own" ?
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              clbeech Level 3
              well Gerry there 'does' need to be some limits on things. for instance, our max bitmap image size is 2880x - the maximum frame limit is somewhere around 17k+ i believe and textfields have a pixel based size limitation as well, can't remember off the top of my head though, think it's something like 1200-something, file names have character limitations, usually around 32, you're HD has a limitation on storage capacity, etc, etc. the reason for this has to do with the 'back end' byte codes and such, when a Object is constructed there is a certain amount of 'space' allocated to store information about that object in the threading, the initial memory area is mostly 'empty' and the code sets up a 'new' block for the next object directly following that storage space. once the space allocated is 'full' no more information can be stored there, and something 'else' has to happen. in our computer, the HD skips over to a new 'open' space and continues to store data, so then it must 'jump' around to find all the 'pieces' in order to put them back together - this is 'fragmentation' and just the reason why every once in a while it's not a bad idea to run a defrag on your drive, to 're-position' all of those little pieces back together into solid blocks. this is 'kind of' the same thing, although in our position using AS were not really accessing the main OS code languages - we're running on top of those, so it's not a simple thing to reposition the byte code during run-time to account for this, it's much simpler to put a limitation on the object memory block construction, and it's up to us to figure out how to work around these types of issues.

              ... that's probably more than you wanted to know LOL! and I could easily be totally wrong... PHA!
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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                i just added 100,000 items without problem.
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                  GerryIsHere Level 1

                  Originally posted by: kglad
                  i just added 100,000 items without problem.

                  You don't say!
                  Are you serious?
                  Of course you are.
                  You've always been!

                  Could you post your code so I can reproduce this?
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                    kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    i dragged a combobox to the stage, gave it an instance name of cb and added the following:

                    var n:Number=100000;
                    for(var i=1;i<=n;i++){
                    cb.addItem({label:"label "+i});
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                      clbeech Level 3
                      LMAO! kg you da man! PHA HAHAHA

                      am i way off the mark though about 'limits' on certain items?
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                        kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                        there are definite limits. but the only one i've ever encountered in a non-test situation is that 2880 limitation of loaded bitmaps.

                        the limit on textfield width is something more than 65,000. so, you're pretty far off on that one.

                        for frames and layers and movieclips and loaded movies, 16,000 is the limit. and my very absolute astounding favorite is the limit on component instances: 125.
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                          clbeech Level 3
                          thanks for clarifying kg - very good information to know.

                          with textfields, i was remembering (vaguely ;) in a thread here, that there was a height limit rather than width (didn't think of that aspect lol) but it may also have been a 'line' limit - don't remember for certain (haven't tried to look it up either)

                          but the component limit is really interesting! makes a person wonder why, i suppose it has something to do with thread space allocated to that type of Object instance?
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                            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                            i just created a textfield with height>16,000 and with 10,000 lines and it looks ok. (it took about 30 seconds to publish, though.)
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                              clbeech Level 3
                              cool - right on kg. maybe it had something to do with a textfield component - I'll see if i can look it up.

                              here's one - thought there was another discussion more in depth though
                              http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=15&catid=288&threadid =1328953&highlight_key=y&keyword1=textfield%20height

                              funny thing is that I've experienced this type of thing too - but I believe that my sit was more related to an MC instance, but oddly you can build MCs larger than 2880 - so not sure, it was quite a while ago.
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                                C-Rock Level 2
                                I just ran an old project that has thousands of results as well. Check you code and make sure you're actually returning more than 200 values. I'm not seeing any logical limit on combo box items.
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                                  GerryIsHere Level 1
                                  Hi !

                                  Out of home for several days...
                                  I finally solve my problem.
                                  Instead of posting large comments, I prefer to post the two codes: the bad and the good.
                                  You'll understand... for sure!

                                  Thanks for taking the time to help me.