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    automated builds w/RH6 and RH7

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      We use an automated build process (Visual Build Professional) that checks the RH files out of the source control software (we use Surround) and generates the Webhelp output using a Robohelp command line in the build script. Up until now, we used RH6 and the process was amazingly seamless. I'd check my source files into Surround at the end of the day and the next morning, the output would appear in the new build of our application.


      The problem that I'm writing about happened when I upgraded my files to RH7 right after our last software release. While I'm having no problems generating output in RH7, the build engineer can no longer get it to work in the automated process. (Yes, we upgraded to RH7 on the build machine, updated the command line to RH7, and no, we're not trying to run the build across a network.)

      Since "my" step is causing the entire build to fail (oops), I've been asked to help figure out what's going on...

      Any thoughts to why RH6 would work in this scenario but not RH7?

      I should probably mention that we still need to support our last release, which was done in RH6. That means that RH6 and RH7 are both installed on the build machine in case they need to rebuild the last version of the help. Are there any known issues with that? I haven't experienced any problems having em both on my computer, as long as I don't inadvertently open the RH7 version with RH6 and vice versa.
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          KC in Colorado Level 1
          Kathy - Did you ever get the automated builds to work with RH 7? Just wondering because my engineers are wanting to automate the Help builds as part of the automated kit build, and I'm running RH 7, with the latest patches (7.03 I think). If you found a solution, could you share it? Thanks!