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      Hello all, I'm in a bit of a rush to get a demo together so any help would be most gratefully received.
      I have created an animation (using 3ds Max) which I have rendered out as a sequence of frames (.png files). It basically shows four coloured discs with text on each side. The text on the front shows a single heading on each, while the reverse of each disk shows 3 subheadings. The animation is 200 frames in length. Frame 1-50 shows the blue disc spin towards the camera(viewer) revealing the text on the other side. Frame 51-100 shows the red disk spin towards the camera revealing the text on the other side, and likewise 101-150 yellow & 151-200 green. Hopefully you get the picture.
      What I want to do is use these frames as a basis for a navigation tool, where the mouse hovering over any of the disks would trigger a certain portion of the animation to play eg. Hover over the red disk triggers frame 51-100 then stops at 100. Frame 100 shows the reverse of the red disk with a sub menu text on it. At this point I want to be able to either click any of the sub headings, which would take me to another page, or move the mouse off the red disk and the animation plays backwards from 100 to 51. Like wise with each of the other three disks.
      I’m using CS3. I have only a very basic knowledge of flash. I occasionally use it to produce flash versions of animations, but I haven’t done anything much with buttons & actions before, which I imagine might be the solution here. Should the animation be split into 4 seperate clips? I have no idea where to start.
      I have consulted the help files & the video workshop, but hopefully someone can give me some advice or point me in the direction of a good tutorial on the subject.