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    problem with link to a local folder

      HI everybody ! i'm new with fireworks.
      This is my problem: i simply want my button opens a local folder on my pc.
      I created the button .. transformed in symbol ... then in the link field i wrote: file:///F:\
      but it does not work.

      By using a simple HTLM editor it works:

      <a href="file:///F:\"> My local folder </a>

      where is my mistake ???

      thank you in Advance

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          pixlor Level 4
          A Web browser can only display a Web page, an HTML file. A folder is not a Web page.
          You could have
          <a href="file:///F:\myfile.html"> My local file</a>
          but you can't have
          <a href="file:///F:\"> My local folder </a>

          When you go to a Web site, and only put in a folder address, the Web server has a default HTML file that it sends to the browser. Sometimes, directory browsing is enabled on the Web server (usually a bad idea), which means that the server will create and send an HTML file to your browser based on the contents of the folder.

          In order for you to use your Web browser to view your folder structure, you'd have to install and run a Web server (with directory browsing enabled) and be looking at a folder within your local site, not just anywhere on your computer.

          If you're running your a Web server locally, you could, as an alternative to directory browsing, use a server-side scripting language to read the folder structure and write the contents to the page.