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    Installing Captivate 3

    alden4 Level 1

      I am running Captivate 1 on XP and my tech support is getting ready to push Captivate 3 (upgrade) to my machine. Can anyone think of any issues of which I need to be aware?

      TIA so much - Alden
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          jojolina Level 1
          Hi Alden

          I pushed my XP machine from Cap1 to Cap2 and then to Cap 3 with no glitches at all. The only thing that worries me is to use an upgrade package from 1 to 3 as I do not think this will work. I could be wrong, but I think Adobe will only let you upgrade sequentially, so unless your Cap 3 is a full package you might have hassles.

          Regarding hardware, my device is a Core2 duo processor with 1Gb Ram, so if you are running similar spec or better you should not have any hardware problems.

          Luck and have fun (Cap 3 ROCKS!!)