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    Single row of XML data missing

      OK, much strangeness here.
      I have an mx:DataGrid taking its data from an array collection thusly:

      logSheetData = logs.lastResult.logsheet.data as ArrayCollection;

      The XML is being generated perfectly by a php page.

      If the xml consists of 2 or more nodes (i.e. the mysql_query returned 2 or more rows of data from the database) then the grid populates properly and everyone is happy. However, if the query returns only a single row of data, the grid is blank.

      I've checked the php and the contents of the database - if there's only a single row of data to come back, one row's worth of XML is returned.

      This has been driving me mad all morning! Help!

      I have patched the problem by adding in an empty node to the xml structure if only 1 row of data is returned - this seems to fool the grid and causes it to display properly. Buy why!