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    Layout Status not updated following upgrade of RH5 project to RH7

      I have over thirty RH5 projects to upgrade to RH7 with two layouts for each: Microsoft HTML Help (Primary Layout) & Printed Documentation.

      While upgrading the first project I noticed that running the File > Batch Generate... option following the upgrade does not update the layout Status to "Generated". I found out that the layout files are actually updated but the Status still shows as "Out of date".

      Running File > View Primary Layout (after running the Batch Generate) displays the message, "Microsoft HTML Help output is out of date. Would you like to compile before running?" with Yes, No and Cancel options. Clicking the Yes button generates the Primary Layout again, but this does not update the layout Status to "Generated" either.

      For the status of your layouts to be updated you must close your upgraded project, reopen it & generate the layouts again.

      I have spent much of this afternoon confirming the above information, I hope that this posting saves you some time that might be spent wondering why your layout status is not updating.