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    Use Flex or Flash Advice

    steelerfan Level 1
      I am going to start building an application similar to this (www.skycastinc.com/pagebuilder/swf/index.swf) but with more categories and options. I am looking at doing it in Flash but it is rather complex and wondered if Flex might be a better option. I do not have much Flex experience but I think it will also offer learning opportunity.

      Any advice from those who are experienced with both Flex and Flash?
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          Ansury Level 3
          Link isn't working for me. But I'd imagine Flex, since you used the word "application".

          With Flex you also get access to Flash, so in that respect it's a safer alternative in terms of functionality.
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            Gnomann Level 1

            Saw the app(let). That could be accomplished in either Flash or Flex, as it's not that complex. It's a basic single view with a series of sub-states. Flash could be used...

            Would depend on your experience with either format and desire to "get it done" vs. (perhaps) to learning either method. Flex would be the preferable option, but if you have experience in earlier Flash scripting, that could still be done.

            If you're new to both and there aren't any overriding criteria, jump on board Flex. (Note, however, that if you are completely new to programming in general, Flex may not be the best "starter" platform).
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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6
              I'd say what you want to do is complex enough to justify doing it in Flex. Flash is good for animations, and other things that are "timeline centric", whereas Flex came about specifically because of the horrors of creating "applications" in Flash. You don't create timeline based applications, at least not in this decade.

              Build it in Flex and you will:
              - be able to extend it easier later
              - learn Flex, which will be a great skill in the coming five to ten years