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      Hello All,

      I am using flex RPC components with blazeDS. I have created one Login class which holds properties of user, and it has RemoteClass alias property set to map this with a class on server. I wanted to know a very basic this that if this binding is in both direction? Basically how does [RemoteClass] meta tag works, if I change one field in server(java bean) then would it be reflected in client(flex) also if anyone could provide me an article to understand concept of RemoteClass.

      Thanks for all the help and support.
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          As far as i know the RemoteClass meta tag is really only a casting convenience. It just means that your server can send a Java object and your flex application receives an actionscript object. Similarly if your flex application sends an actionscript object your Java server recieves a Java object.

          This does not mean they see a shared copy of the object, after the object has been sent your flex applicaiton and java server have two different copies of that object. Changing values in the flex object does not change values in the server object.

          Hope that clarifies some things for you