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    Browse sequence - duplicate topic

      Browse sequences have been created from TOC.
      I have a topic in the TOC referenced twice from two different sections. Once help is generated, on the "Contents" tab, if I drill-down on the TOC tab to the topic, select something in the topic, and then press the back button, the TOC jumps to the secondary place where the topic is listed:

      _Software Intro
      __________Device Presets < Access topic by drilling down from "Software Intro" then "Presets"
      _Something Else
      _Something Else
      _____Device Presets < Press the "back" button and end up here on the TOC
      _____Device Info

      Is there a way to control which TOC reference it chooses when the "back" button is pressed? I would like the user to be able to get back where they came from in the TOC, but I also want the user to access the topic from both places in the TOC.
      Thanks much!
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          RH goes to the first location it finds, sorry.

          You can, however, create a redirect page as a "dummy placeholder" in the TOC with the same name (in the TOC) as the "original." Create a new topic that has no text, but with the line below in the HEAD section. Then drag it to the desired location the TOC. (In case you're curious, the "0" indicates no delay in opening the topic.)

          Good luck,