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    Pathname Weirdness with Modules

      I am using several modules that live in the same project as the main app. In the project prefs, when I add them the publish directory is set as the project output folder and is not editable nor is it resolving properly.

      My project is in (Vista):

      D:/Users/username/Documents/Flex Builder 3/projectname

      with the modules in a modules subdirectory. The modules are suposed to be published there as well, but Flex Builder publishes them to:

      D:/Users/username/Documents/Flex Builder 3/projectname/bin/Users/username/Documents/Flex Builder 3/projectname/modules

      I can't seem to change any module publish settings in Flex Builder. I could edit the .actionScriptProperties file directly, but that might cause problems and is not easily maintainable.

      Could this be caused by:
      1. using the D:/ drive, or
      2. placing the modules in the same project as the main app, or
      3. something else.

      Thanks in advance,