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    WTF: coldfusion.image.Image$ReadImageMetadataException: ISO Speed Ratings

      I am trying to write out a photo using the cfimage and I am getting this error:

      An exception occured while performing the writetobrowser cfimage action.coldfusion.image.Image$ReadImageMetadataException: ISO Speed Ratings

      Here is the code. Any ideas???

      <cfset objImage = ImageRead( "assets/property/964317_old_house_23.jpg" ) />
      <cfset objWatermark = ImageNew("assets/images/sold.gif") />
      <cfset ImageSetAntialiasing(objImage,"on") />
      <cfset ImageSetDrawingTransparency(objImage,50) />
      <cfset ImagePaste(objImage, objWatermark, (objImage.GetWidth() - objWatermark.GetWidth()),
      (objImage.GetHeight() - objWatermark.GetHeight())) />
      <cfimage action="writetobrowser" source="#objImage#"/>