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    Can't send drafts for review

      I have the 30 day trial of Contribute loaded on two computers so I can test it and we don't seem to be able to use the draft function at all. I have one administrator and one user with the role of writer. When the writer sends a draft for review, the dialog box appears, I can select the administrator and it seems to work just fine. However, after that - nothing. The draft console for the user still shows the draft under "drafts I'm editing" and not as "sent drafts" and for the administrator, nothing shows at all - no drafts to edit.

      This is getting frustrating, I can't buy it if I can't get this part to work. Could it be a server permissions issue with the _mm folder on the server? The logon with the writer role does have read/write permissions to the site on the server, including that folder
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          michelle@lfpl Level 1
          Turns out we had to still mess with server permissions for the _mm folder - users have to be able to modify as well as read/write.
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            Hrmmmm. Contribute CS4 free test download on one machine and an owned full CS3 Contribute version on another for precisely the expressed testing purposes as above.

            On CS4 machine with "Writer" role the "Send For Review" button only attaches a link to an email. No other options in "File>Actions>etc" or anywhere else to enable the review process. Drafts are essentially stuck in the CS4 review pool and not shared with the admin user on the CS3 machine.

            Permissions on the "_mm" folder are set at 755.

            Going to dump the whole _mm folder and rebuild with the CS4 version and see what that does.