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    Local Shared Object Question


      So I just created a Flash banner header with a menu and small animation that has sound. One of my users would like it so he/she can turn off the sound of the animation so every time a separate page loads it won't replay the sound.

      I've researched a bit and found " local shared object " may be an option for me.... I want to have a mute button that turns off all sound for that user and saves it in .sol so that when the user either visits a separate page on the site it won't play the music, and for when they come back after closing their browser it will "save" the settings.

      Does Local Shard Object's sound like what I need for doing this>? Will I need to bundle some action scripts to scan for a .sol to mute the sound before they load the page? If anyone could point me int he right direction, or at least let me know that I'm on the right path, It would be much appreciated. Thanks! :)