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    Parse TEXT File??

    WestSide Level 1

      I am using CF 8

      I have a text file (mylog.txt) that currently stores login information for our users. I need to parse and extract some basic information from the file and I am having a hard time. I need to know the following

      1. A list of all UNIQUE email addresses that appear in the text file.
      2. A count of how many times each email address appears

      Each time a user logs on a "new line" is entered in the text file. Here is some sample data:

      [1/05/08 1:15:31 PM] User mark@abc.com logged in.
      [1/11/08 3:57:30 PM] User john@def.com logged in.
      [1/12/08 8:33:17 PM] User bobby@test.com logged in.
      [2/17/08 6:37:07 AM] User sue@muppets.com logged in.
      [2/19/08 3:57:30 PM] User john@def.com logged in.

      I would like to parse the text file and then output my results to the screen. The output should look like this, note John logged in twice:

      Email Address | Count
      mark@abc.com 1
      john@def.com 2
      bobby@test.com 1
      sue@muppets.com 1

      The prior user here should have stored this in the database but for now I still need to get at this data.

      Any help appreciated.