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    Flash display in captivate

    FreeMan04 Level 1
      Hi again people,

      I created a flash file and inserted it in captivate. The flash files contains 4 movie clips that is hidden (not on stage), and when I click on a button, the movie clip move from hidden to stage.
      Now, is all good until i insserted it in captivate and publish it. I can see the flash files plus all the 4 hidden clips.
      Can this be fixed?
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          jojolina Level 1
          Smoke and mirrors

          I am assuming a button on your slide that you want to use to bring the swf into play, but the problem is that the swf is already displayed before the button is clicked??

          I can think of 2 options that might work:
          Have your swf appear after the button pause state in the timelin in Captivate (Animation Properties/Options/Appear After xx)
          Use a caption or screen image to "mask" the swf and set it to disappear 0.1s after the user has clicked the button.

          Hope this helps

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            FreeMan04 Level 1
            Hi Andrew,
            You are right, i built the swf file in flash with 3 buttons and movie clips hiding behind the stage, and when each of the button is clicked, the respective clip appears.
            I guess I can use a white jpg to mask out hidden clips but thats not the optimal solution.
            thanks anyway