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    [F8] How to move a MovieClip with Ease In/Out tween using Actionscript

    badaboom_55 Level 1
      In Flash 8, I need to move a MovieClip from point A to point B when a user clicks a button.
      I currently have a function which I pass three arguments: TargetX, TargetY, and the Duration (in frames). I have it working to move the clip linearly, however, I would really like to be able to ease in/out on the tween.
      I'm really stuck on the math of it all and need someone to give me the formula.
      Here's my function:

      // Function which is called when user clicks button to move the mc
      _global.fMoveTheMovieClip = function(iTargetX, iTargetY, iDuration){

      // Calculate the distance to the Target position
      iTotalDistance = iTargetX - MoveThisClip_mc._x;

      // Mover function
      MoveThisClip_mc.onEnterFrame = function(){

      // If the movie clip has gotten close enough to the target
      if((Map_mc._x > iTargetX && Map_mc._x < (iTargetX + 1)) || (Map_mc._x < iTargetX && Map_mc._x > (iTargetX - 1))){

      // Snap the movie clip to the target x
      MoveThisClip_mc._x = iTargetX

      // And stop this function
      delete this.onEnterFrame;

      // Else, if the mc has NOT reached the target zone
      // Move the clip
      // This is where I would like a formula to ease out then in based on the duration
      // Right now I have this to move the mc at a constant speed
      MoveThisClip_mc._x += (iTotalDistance / iDuration);


      Also, everything needs to be AS2 compatible.
      AND, I can't use the "tween" or "transitions" classes.
      So, please don't post anything with code similar to this:

      import mx.transitions.Tween
      import mx.transitions.easing.*;

      If I need to add a "power" or "strength" argument to my function, that's fine.