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    passing data from flex to embedded swf

    machmila Level 1
      I'm trying to create a custom component in my flex app that would mimic a progress bar. I'm planning to use it to show progress being made on a survey - eg: if the user answers half the questions the progress bar will show half full.

      I'm new to Flex and not aware of an easy way to do this without embedding a custom swf. If I go that route is there a way to pass the data from flex to my swf to update the progress? Or is there a way to accomplish this directly in Flex?

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          slaingod Level 1
          Flex has a progress bar built-in, you could use that, or any other method and simply draw it using the Graphics/Sprite classes, or use something like Degrafa. You can also embed an AS3 SWF using SWFLoader, or as an SWC from Flash. This probably in the top 5 most common questions on this board, so you should find something pretty quickly.