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    Bad movie quality

      Dear All;
      When i mport an swf movie file into a slide presentation the quality get too bad, Laabels flickering , the whole screen flickering .
      any solution too this problem is highly appreciated.

      Thank you
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          RossRitchey Level 4
          Could you please clarify "into a slide presentation" Does this mean Powerpoint?
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            AdobiMyHobby Level 1
            Dear rritchey

            Thank for abropt reply. I imported an swf using File>Import Movie into a Flash slide (FlashPresentation). The quality is really discouraging although it is the program. I got the same quality when i import it into a power point presentation. I aslo tried to export the fla as *.avi then importing it into the slide (frame 1 of the first layer) but i got the same thing.

            That's it

            Any solution to this problem is highly appreciated..

            Thank you
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              RossRitchey Level 4
              Are your framerates the same? Are you scaling the content? Have you published the slide-show and looked at it as a SWF?

              Have you looked at the file you are importing by itself? Does the quality change when you import it, or was the quality bad to begin with?

              Another thought would be to add some code to the slideshow to import the SWF at runtime.
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                AdobiMyHobby Level 1
                The quality in the authoring environment is excellent. But i have no idea if i have to change the frames in an imported swf file ( if you could help me in this regard). I didn't changed the scale either.
                Last time i used LoadMovie method . the movie was clear but the scale was small (the original scale in the authoring environment was set to 1024x800 ) and the buttons didn't worked (disabled).
                Regarding the publishing , i haven't started yet publish movies as i don't have a web server.

                I hope the idea is clear.

                Thank you very much.

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                  RossRitchey Level 4
                  Publish and Test-Movie are the same command.
                  A published Flash file is the SWF.

                  Open the SWF that you are importing outside of Flash. If the quality looks good there, then the problem is on import. If the quality is bad there, then the SWF needs to be re-published with higher quality settings.

                  One thing to note. If you haven't published the slide-show with the imported SWF, then you may not be viewing the SWF the way it will be in the end. The Flash authoring tool often displays objects at a lower resolution for processing speed. To check final resolution, publish the slideshow SWF. You may find that the quality issues disappear on publish.
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                    AdobiMyHobby Level 1
                    The quality during publishing is excellent. I tried loadmovie methis, it worked but the movieclip size is small and the buttons are not working.

                    Any solution tho this problem?

                    Thank you;