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    navigational disfunction

    demetriusmcclain Level 1
      It has been some time since I have tried to do this so please forgive me. I created my navigation. Instead of allowing it to reside on the main timeline, I decided to place it within a movieclip. The movieclip plays as expected, however the buttons no longer work. How do I get my buttons to work?
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          did you call the function that defines your mouse handlers?
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            demetriusmcclain Level 1
            I tried calling the MousMove function on the timeline however it wouldnt work. So I removed the function. When I would place it within the movieClip it would delete the rollOver function and automatically play the movieclip, but it would activate the buttons withing the movieClip. I have provided a copy of the fla. Maybe you can tell me what I am doing wrong. Here is the link.


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              clbeech Level 3
              the problem here is that your button handler's (onRelease, etc) paths are incorrect. The buttons actually reside several levels deep within other Mcs and a 'graphic' (which cannot be used in a named path because it cannot be assigned an instance name) another graphic and then the buttons. so the path call from the main timeline would need to be something like:

              my_mc.[graphic].[graphic].home_btn.onRelease = function() { }

              you cannot use the [graphic]s above and they must be converted to MC and named in order to do so - however a better method would be to remove them all from the 'lower' level and place them all within the MC 'my_mc' then the cal would simply be:

              my_mc.home_btn.onRelease = function() { }
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                demetriusmcclain Level 1
                Unfortunately clbeech that method didnt work. I think kglad has it right, but I don't know where to put the ActionScript and I don't know if I am writing the function right. If I call the functions that define the mouse handlers, then I can make it delete the onEnterFrame for my_mc to activate the nav buttons. Again the theory is correct but my execution isn't
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                  clbeech Level 3
                  no your theory is not correct, and I am - which is also what kglad was saying in relation to 'handlers' which would be the 'onRelease' methods as well as other 'on' handlers. kg would tell you the same thing if he had seen this file's structure.

                  I've made the corrections necessary to show you how to restructure this correctly (and I'd still do it differently) but to prove my point, download the file HERE

                  I will state it again - you cannot place things inside graphic symbols - of which there were two inside one another before reaching the buttons - because you cannot give them an instance name and then reach through them by a path to the point at the button MCs.

                  none of this has anything to do with the onMouseMove handler.