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    Strange Flash / Fireworks Bug - TEST NEEDED

      Hi all fireworks and flash people

      If anyone is interested in this strange one and has 5 minutes, could
      you try this?

      1. Open fireworks and create two rectangle layers - save as test.png
      (keep this file open in fireworks)

      2. Start Flash with empty document

      3. In fireworks, select one rectangle and clipboard copy (edit->copy)

      4. In Flash, right click on stage and "paste"

      This should paste the rectangle and also create fireworks folder in
      flash library.

      I assume this is normal behaviour??????????

      OK, now create new empty document in flash.

      1. In flash, File->Import->import to stage and select test.png which
      you saved earlier. click OPEN, when the dialog box "Fireworks PNG
      Import Settings" appears, CLICK CANCEL.

      2. Now back to fireworks, and select a rectangle, copy to clipboard
      again using Edit->Copy

      3. In flash, right click on stage and choose paste.

      This time, it will paste the rectangle, but in the flash library, it
      appears as flash0.png with no fireworks folder.

      Well, this flash0.png seems to retain all effects that you do in
      fireworks and seems a better image to work with in flash, if someone
      can copy this behaviour, I can confirm my thoughts.