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    Mac File Site window always on top

    mark999 Level 1
      I am using Dreamweaver 8.0, but have seen this exact same issue on a Windows CS3 install and a Mac CS3 install.

      I like to have the Files Window detached from the right side, and expanded so I can see the Remote Site and Local Files lists side by side. When I open an html file, I expect the html file to open on top of the file list window. It works this way on some installs, but not on others, very annoying. In the problem installs, I must manually move the file (site) window way down to the right to expose the html file I want to work on. Then when I want open another html file, I have to drag it file window back up, to see my file list, double click on the file, and then move the file list back out of the way.

      In other words, in the problem setups, the File Window is "always on top", so it must be a preference or setting, but I cannot figure out.

      Please help me fix this annoying problem.