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    Kuler is Amazing!  An Idea

    Dan Zen Level 1
      First off... just arrived at Kuler - heard about it and finally got here. An absolutely heart-warming site. It is so nice to find people excited about color and the tools to bring out patterns are amazing and kind of open up a new way to see things.

      The elegance in the way the site displays the colors and in the icons, etc. is inspirational.

      A request just having used it for a few days is that when viewing themes, if the viewer could drag a color and have it snap into another location and have the other colors shift. This would be straight forward to do in Flash and would let viewers easily explore the relationships. Perhaps a double click or reset button would reset the order - or why bother really - just reload it or whatever.

      Inventor Dan Zen - http://www.danzen.com
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          First Blood Part II
          Yeah - I agree.

          Kuler is a m a z i n g.

          Adobe does awesome work!

          Yours Rocky

          PS.: Thank you Adobe for everything.
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            Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
            Hi Dan Zen,
            Did you try this? Select the theme you want to experiment with, hit Edit, and drag/drop the swatches.
            Kuler Team
            p.s. Thanks for the +1 on liking Kuler, Rocky.
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              Hello, this is Hijiku. (A.K.A "Defective Soul")

              I really love this addition to the Adobe collective. I've only been using it for a few days, but already I have found it to be immensely useful. Being a student of Web Design, and Graphic Design, this tool is very useful for those who don't have the endless array of color themes provided by Illistrator. And, to be totally blunt, it's F U N ! ! !

              You people at Adobe have yet to fail me, and I think Kuler is a reflection of your turely intuitive minds.

              Keep up the good work, and thank you!