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    Loss of functionality between RH x5 and RH 7?

      I seem to have lost functionality between RoboHelp x5 and RoboHelp 7. In RH x5 I could import a .mif that just has a table. I would then set RH to create new topics based on a style in the table. In this way, each row in my table was its own topic: the left hand column containing a name had its own style ("Cell Name") and the text in the right columns had its own style ("Cell Description"). So a RH topic would have the text styled as "Cell Name" as the title and the text styled as "Cell Description" as the topic's content. The table heading and ithe table formatting (empty cells) would get dumped like leftovers in its own topic that we could delete. This solution was perfect for our purposes!

      But we seem to have lost this ability in RH 7. In RH7, we have to first map our Frame styles to RH styles before we can set topics to begin on mapped RH styles. So I mapped the Frame style of "Cell Name" to Robohelp's style of "Heading 2." Then I set new topics to start on "Heading 2." But as the .mif imports, it only creates one topic containing the entirety of the table.

      I can't seem to set new topics on any of the Frame styles. I am limited to starting new topics only on mapped Robohelp styles. I've search the web and haven't found anyone else commenting on this change. Is there a setup process I'm skipping? Or an update I'm missing? Or just something I'm not seeing that could give me back the RH x5 ability to create topics from styles used in tables in Frame Maker?