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    Button Component does not move inside of motion tween

      Hi all,

      I am having a problem using a button component in Flash CS3.
      I have a button component that I added to a new movieclip in my main movie.
      I am trying to use it in a motion tween to move the button component across the stage and out of sight.
      Here are the steps I follow:
      1) Create new symbol of a movieclip.
      2) Inside this new movieclip in Frame 1, drag instance of Button component onto stage.
      3) Create new key frame 30 frames away.
      4) Inside new key frame, move button component to the left of the stage.
      5) Click anywhere b/w frames 1-30 and choose Create Motion Tween.
      6) Make sure new movieclip symbol is on main timeline stage.

      When I test this movie (Ctrl+Enter), the button component just sits there on the stage, not moving.

      I have also tried to boil this down even simpler and just look at the main timeline, drag a button component onto it, and create a motion tween that moves the button component across the stage. Still no luck, even when it isn't inside of a new movieclip symbol.

      Am I missing something? Are button components not meant to be moved inside of another movie clip??

      Thanks for looking!
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          clbeech Level 3
          it seems as though you cannot tween the button component - because it is a compiled clip. a work-around for this (if you must use the button component) is to place the button inside a MC and tween the MC not the button - you can simply select the button symbol on the stage and right-click convert to symbol - BUT if you do so, you will need to give BOTH symbols instance names and reach through the MC to receive event notifications from the button.