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    Robohelp project

      I have two projects. one for the intranet and one for the internet users. I keep both of the projects on the same server. After I published the projects and used the URL to display the projects then both projects appears on the same URL. Each project has different name. how do I separate them so that the internet users can't see the project for the intranet and vice versa. Thanks
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          HI Flex 3, and welcome to the forum. I do the same thing, with our company knowledge base, which has an internal and an external version. I generate the project using conditional build tags and single source layouts to two different directories on my local hard drive, then I publish them to the two different locations on our server. Each ends up with a different URL.

          Not sure how you could see two different projects in the same URL - can you explain more? Give us some more detail, such as:

          1. is your project on your local computer (required) or on a network (not at all recommended!!)

          2. are you generating both projects to your local hard drive? To the same directory, or two different ones?

          3. are you publishing both projects to the same url, or two different locations?

          4. What is tipping you off that both projects are appearing in the same webpage?