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    External source editor

    kindaian Level 1
      Anyone know how to setup an external source editor?

      D11 allows one to change loads of media editors based on its "extension" and/or "mime/type", but there is in the list support for source editor, which IMHO is the most important of all.

      That and all the scripts DEFAULT to be writen as text files in the same directory as the cast/movie that they come from naturally.

      I would like to use a "serious" text editor to hack lingo/javascript scripts, not the internal text editor (which imho, should just be scraped and sticked to view/breakpoint/inspect mode).

      Thanx in advance,
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          Steveorevo Level 1
          I like to use NetBeans at http://www.netbeans.org/ . It does code folding, and has a nice javascript reference. You can set it up with Director by going to Edit->Preferences->Editors. Locate the Netbeans executable typically at:

          C:\Program Files\NetBeans 6.5\bin\netbeans.exe

          Be forewarned though: You must specify an external file with the .js extension for Nebeans to know its a javascript file. Unfortunately, if you just double click any cast member that is a script, Director launches the editor opening a temp file with the extension .ls (as in Linked Script -dumb). Netbeans won't know what to do with it and won't show you all the Javascript features like code folding.

          You must specify the external file first. To do this, highlight the script cast member and use the Property Inspector in Director to specify the 'Link As' file. Note that Director cache's this file inside your .dir so you won't need to distribute the .js source with your project.