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    Reducing physical size of a movie

    HamptonCaught Level 1

      I hope this is not a stupid question, but I can't see an easy way of doing this. I have a flash movie which is 250 pixels wide x 110 pixels deep, and I need the exact same movie for a space that is 160 pixels wide x 65 pixels deep. Obviously, I can reduce the stage size, but can I automatically scale down all the elements that appear in the movie? I should say that there are lots of images and text boxes in the movie.

      Many thanks for any help.
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          clbeech Level 3
          yes there are a few ways to scale your files content - but the easiest is to do this in the publish settings simple by adjusting the size in the HTML tab dimensions section where you can adjust by pixel or percentage. however i notice that the dimensions you list do not correspond to an even break - that is the smaller size doe not have the same proportional relationship as the large one - so if use the second set of dimensions it will likely 'stretch' the content in one direction or another.