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    movieClip acting strange

      Hallo everybody,
      In my site I have a page that contains 2 empty movieClips as Holders. When triggered 2 movieclips are imported in the main stage inside the empty ones. The strange problem is that on one of the holder the MCL imported it just 4 lines of text and their mesurements match exactly the holder but when imported it goes on far right like it pushes the holder towards the right. I hope I made myself clear ( not an English speaking person)
      the code I use is :

      pic3.onRelease = function () {
      loader._visible = true
      mcl.loadClip("beauty.swf", holder4);
      mcl.loadClip("beauty-grande.swf", holder5); //this is the line incriminated

      thank you so much
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          clbeech Level 3
          are you certain that the 'holder5' is getting moved to the right? and that the content of the swf being loaded is not just positioned to the right of 0,0? you could find out if the MC is in fact being 'moved' (which is unlikely) by running a trace statement of the clip in question before and after the loading.
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            micgamb Level 1
            I did not mean to say that the holder is "moving" (my english isn't so good) it is a matter of centering the imported MCL. What sounds strange to me is that they both have the same size so the MCL , when imported, should be seen centered...
            I hope you can understand

            thank you so much
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              clbeech Level 3
              I thinks that i do - no problem with the English - it's admirable that you can use it at all :)

              could it be that the loaded clips layout is moved to the right of the 0,0 registrations point?

              or perhaps that the load is 'on top of' another load in the same clip?